Poor By Design

Poor By Design book coverPoor By Design sheds light on an unexplored cause of persistent poverty across the globe.


research, underdevelopment, natural resources, economic diversification, foreign aid, causes of poverty, governments

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[UP] – Unraveling Poverty


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on the new economy


Visit the on the new economy to track the sustainable business model, circular economy and zero waste revolution.




Visual Poetry

a hand in happiness cover

A Hand in Happiness includes thirty one poems celebrating the private moments of introspection and the fighting spirit found in the everyday in our lives.


identity, love, immigration, home, visual arts, poetry

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A Mirror There coverA Mirror There contains sixteen works in originally compiled in 2010 and published as an e-book in 2013.


media, news, war, struggle, poetry, visual arts

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Squashing Your Student Loans


A Crash Course in Getting Out of Debt Quickly uses simple language and techniques to prevent your student loan debt from getting out of control.


debt, student loans, resources, economic education, federal loan, private loan

The crash course is coming soon.